LiveRecorder for Java uses in-process virtualization to record the execution of a Java application running on Linux. You can time-travel debug a live running application, or record the application and later time-travel debug that application’s execution on the same or on a different Linux machine.

Time-travel debug your application using IntelliJ IDEA on macOS, Windows or Linux, stepping back or forwards to any line of code that executed to see the full variable and heap state. LiveRecorder significantly reduces your Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) of defects, helping you to get to a zero-defect release faster and more predictably.

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Integration of LiveRecorder for Java is split into two steps to reflect the above workflow:

  • Adding the recording agent to the command-line that starts the application.
    Adjusting recording parameters - when to record, recording filename.
  • Invoking the replay tool on the generated recording.
    Controlling replay through a plugin to your preferred IDE.