Undo upload service

The distribution includes a utility that can be used to send files to Undo - for example uploading LiveRecorder recordings for support.

Before using the upload service please ask customer support to register your username (typically your email address).

To upload a file:

$ ./undo-upload -f FILENAME

If this is the first time that you are attempting an upload you will be prompted for your username. Your username will be stored in the file ~/.undo-upload for subsequent use.

Please notify customer support that you have uploaded the new file.

Technical details

  • The upload utility requires that your firewall allows outbound connections on port 443/tcp. If the file to be uploaded resides in a secured environment it may be necessary to copy it out of the secured environment in order to upload.

  • Files are secured during transmission by HTTPS encryption.

  • Large files of the order of 10s of GB are supported.