Undo Upload ServiceΒΆ

There is a utility in the release that can be used to send files to Undo.

In order to use this utility it is necessary to have your email address added to a list of authorised users by a member of the Undo team. Please contact Undo customer support or ask for this to be set up for you in an existing ticket.

Once authorised, uploading a file is as simple as:

$ ./undo-upload -f <file name>

If this is the first time that you are attempting an upload you will be prompted for your username. At present, a password is not required.

On subsequent uses a token, stored in ~/.undo-upload, will be used and so no prompt should appear.

Large files are supported. The system uses HTTPS to send chunks of the file in parallel streams, so 10s of GB can be uploaded.

At present there is no automated notification when file upload is complete. Please make sure we are aware that you have sent us something in our support channels.